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What to Bring to Camp

We put together the following lists to be a guide for families, but you should adjust items based on the needs of your camper.

What to Bring

Camp J is a place for comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Campers will be active every day and will need a variety of clothing to suit all activities. Campers are encouraged to bring the following items:

What NOT to Bring

As a general rule, anything valuable that a camper would be upset if lost, broken, ruined, or stolen should not be brought to camp. Camp J does not assume responsibility for any lost, broken, or stolen items, including these which we discourage bringing:

Labeling Items

Please be sure that EVERY item your child brings to camp is marked with the camper’s FIRST AND LAST NAME. Belongings can be marked using permanent markers or labels. Labeling your campers’ belongings helps us return misplaced items to them.

Cell Phone Policy

To keep campers safe and engaged, cell phones are not allowed at camp. Our staff is always accessible by phone in the event of an emergency or if you need to check on your camper.